Episode #2: Pokemon Emergency!- Pokemon Center

And after a long hiatus, we’re back! We left off in episode 2 of the Indigo League. 

We come to the Pokemon Center…


But wait! What does it look like in game?


Episode #2: Pokemon Emergency!- Why did you get green?

Episode #2: Pokemon Emergency!- Road Rage

Just like there are no police stations in Kanto, there are no cars.

Episode #2: Pokemon Emergency!- Can I see some ID?

The ID isn’t on the Pokedex, it’s an actual card. 

Episode #2: Pokemon Emergency!- Fuk da Police!

There are virtually no instances of police stations in the games… except in the most recent. But there are none in Kanto that we know of. 

Recap of Episode 1: The last thing

Ho-oh is not a Roaming pokemon. Stop. OH! I almost forgot, Dexter shouldn’t be able to give Pokemon data if Ash hasn’t captured the Pokemon.

This is it for episode one! Tune in for episode 2 coming soon!

Recap of Episode 1 Part 2: EXP

I started up a yellow version for the purpose of gaining knowlege of Pikachu exp gain. I realize this might be different for the other versions, but it fits my needs as an accessable way for me to check level gain for a Pikachu. BUT ANYWAY HERE ARE LISTINGS FOR LEVEL GAIN AND STUFF


total from spearow- 46 Spearow @ ~ level 4 (33 exp each)= 1518 exp total 

Lvl 5 = 91 to 6 @ 1427 left

lvl 6= 127 to 7 @ 1300 left

lvl 7= 169 to 8 @ 1131 left

lvl 8= 217 to 9 @ 914 left. Learned Thunder Wave

lvl 9= 271 to 10 @ 643 left

lvl 10= 331 to 11 @ 312 left

lvl 11= 397 with 85 left to level 12. Learned Quick Attack

So that means Pikachu is at level 11 and his attacks should include (from the new movests)

Thundershock, growl, tail whip and thunderwave. This is just really important for the rest of the series :D

Recap of Episode 1 Part 1: Electric Slide

First here’s a lovely image I threw together for your viewing pleasure. These are all the instances of Pikachu using Thundershock:

And now, really quick, no matter what, Thundershock only hits one target per use (correct me if I’m wrong) and in this image, Pikachu is clearly hitting not one, but 46 Spearow. On top of that, with all the images together, Pikachu would be using thundershock a totall of over 65 times (each of the people (estimated at 20) and the 46 Spearow and the other small instances. Thundershock only has 30 uses and there is no proof of Ash giving any power point recovery items. This is the biggest load of bs ever.

EDIT: Whoops, the picture says thundershock only has 20 PP. That should say 30 derp

Episode #1: Pokemon- I Choose You!: Size Matters

Remember Pallet Town and it’s huge population? Here’s Veridian City in the anime.

And here it is in game (most recent). 

I just… either the programmers are lazy or the animators like to mess with us.

Episode #1: Pokemon- I Choose You!: It’s Electric

Ok, wait. Stop. What attack is that? It looks WAAAY more than a basic thundershock. I don’t believe this Pikachu has gained any experience yet in this episode. And a look at bulabpedia will show that it doesn’t learn Thunder until level 50.


HOWEVER, one thing they did get right was the increased power Thunder gets from rain! So justified? Not really.